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It has been said that: "Crystal Consciousness is the closet to Human Consciousness on the Planet"; "Your crystal will choose you, you don't choose your crystal" & "That Crystal speaks to Me".

I have been on a Spiritual Path for the past 26 years & the Crystals called me in 2009.

This is my first endeavor of bringing my crystals to a larger Market place.

Perhaps, one or more of the pieces listed here will 'Call' you.


This section will have stones & crystals

that are polished in 'free form', to enhance

the natural beauty of the material. 


The stones in this section are smaller pieces.

The tumbling process smooths the surface & rounds the edges to create affordable specimens that are ideal pocket stones.

A complimentary velvet pouch will be included with the purchase of 5 or more pieces in this section.



The material in this section will be 'as found' or 'as mined'.

The only process that these stones & crystals have gone through is to be cleaned & sized.

The specimens in this section meet the same qualifications as the previous "Rough" category. 

Groupings of crystals on the matrix or base that they formed on.





The crystals in this section have been cut & polished to enhance their natural properties.


High Quality

Natural Crystal

turned & polished into varying sizes.


All Natural Crystal cut & polished into various shapes.

Angels to skulls ... divine sculpture enhanced by the metaphysical properties of the stones

from which they're carved.



"A Nodule of stone having a mineral lined cavity".

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